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Library members need to provide contact details of a referee. We may contact the referee to certify the library member has a print disability.
A referrer may be a: diversional therapist, doctor, general practitioner, neurologist, nurse, nursing home staff, occupational therapist, ophthalmologist, optometrist, orientation and mobility instructor, orthoptist, physiotherapist, psychologist, public library staff, social worker, special education teacher, speech pathologist, or welfare officer.

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To access Vision Australia's online library you have the option to either
  • Use Vision Australia’s free app on your smart phone or tablet or other compatible device
  • Buy a Vision Australia mp3 player that will load books automatically when plugged into a computer ($75)


To access the Bookshare Library service library members will need to provide written proof of disability from one of the following people: Doctor, ophthalmologist, optometrist, neurologist, learning disability specialist, psychologist with a background in disabilities, social worker, education Disability Student Services staff.

If you are unable provide it at this time please send to 


In accordance with copyright requirements and partnership agreements, no unauthorised destruction, copying, reproduction, publication adaption, sale, rental, upload onto website or distribution to any other person or organisation of VAILS (Vision Australia Information Library Service) in terms or materials is permitted.
Library members agree to:
  • Comply with any specific restrictions or directions in relation to particular borrowed materials or items as advised by VAILS.
  • Return all items borrowed by the specified due date.
  • Provide details of a referee who may be contacted to certify the member has a print disability
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